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Rabbit Run Theater has cancelled productions for the 2020 season.

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Theater Renovations Campaign

Theater Renovations Campaign

Something exciting is happening at Rabbit Run Theater! 

Thank you for helping us reach our goal--the new seats will be installed this spring just in time for the 2020 theater season!

As the first step in our renovation plan for the barn, we have chosen a project that all of our patrons can get “behind.”  New, comfortable seats have been chosen for the theater, and our goal is to have them in place for the 2020 season.

Just as exciting is a pledge from a private donor to match each donation dollar-for-dollar.  That’s right!  For each donation of $160 (the cost of a seat) a donation will be made to match your gift!

Throughout the 2019 summer season at the theater, a prototype of the proposed new seats will be located in the gallery at the barn.  Posted just above will be a seating chart for the theater.  Each time a donation is made, we will cross off two seats on the chart!

We hope you will consider a donation towards a seat—or get together with your regular theater party and donate the cost of several seats.

As a special thank you for your donation, a permanent sign commemorating the names of our donors will be added to the Rabbit Run Wall of Fame in the gallery.  Hanging alongside, we will also create a display with the plaques from the original theater seats.

 . . . and next on the list!

Last year, under the guidance of CT Consultants a master facilities plan was developed for the Rabbit Run Theater property. Phase-One of the plan addresses a number of safety and comfort issues at the barn. In addition to new theater seats, Phase One also speaks to two other special projects.

Back in 1954 when the current stage was added to the barn structure, one of the interior cross supports was used as the framing for a lighting catwalk. The same structure has been in place since that time and is only
accessible by an awkward (and potentially dangerous) wall ladder. 

The first special project is to replace the old catwalk with an electrical lighting hoist that raises and lowers to allow for lighting installation and focus. For the safety of our staff, volunteers and patrons, we consider this project a priority for the coming year.

For those of you who have lived through a long intermission during a performance at the barn, it will come as no surprise that the time has come to expand the size of the women's restroom. 

Our plan is to accomplish all three of these projects, in time for the 2020 theater season.

Donations to the renovations campaign can be made through our website, at the box office or by returning the envelope provided in your theater program book to the box office or the main office.

Join us in preserving the barn for generations to come!

Click here to make a donation.


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