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It’s all thanks to you!

You attended:

  • Rabbit Run Theater saw a 20% increase in tickets sales from the previous year
  • 86 actors, 26 backstage crew, 27 musicians and 30 production staff partnered to mount 5 full-scale productions in a brief three-month period
  • Rabbit Run Theater has become a major tourism destination in this region of Northeast Ohio bringing numerous tour companies and pre-formed groups to the area to enjoy our local wineries, restaurants, and of course, the barn!
  • 8,100 patrons attended 46 performance throughout the 2018 theater season

You explored:

  • A 15% increase in student enrollment for fine arts programming compared to the previous year
  • Our educational offerings have expanded to 62 classes/owrkshops plus private vocal and instrumental music instruction offered year round plus seven summer youth arts camps
  • We created new and exciting partnerships including expanded programs at Madison Public Library and a collaborative theatre/history project with Lake Erie College, Lake County History Center and Lake Metroparks Farmpark
  • Our Annual Juried Art Show (in partnership with Madison Public Library) celebrated its 27th anniversary

You supported:

  • More than 800 individuals, businesses and community organizations now provide financial, in-kind, or volunteer support to RRCAA
  • Annual giving has increased by more than 15% in the last two years
  • More than 270 volunteers shared their time (more than 11,000 hours annually) and talent; working onstage, backstage, as ushers, hosts, administrative support and as community ambassadors

Thanks to you, RRCAA continues to provide extraordinary theater productions and quality educational programs to our community.

Our goals for the future include expanded arts education collaborations as well as beginning the first phase of extensive facilities projects for the Rabbit Run Theater property.  Now more than ever, we welcome your ongoing support and we thank you for supporting the arts in our community.

So many lives are enriched by the work of RRCAA.  With your help we can continue to provide outstanding arts opportunities to our community.

  • Dave and Chris Van Dusen Tell Our Story

    Dave and Chris Van Dusen have taken their support for RRCAA to heart.  “We just love Rabbit Run!” Chris exclaims.  Dave adds, “It’s the kind of place you just love to come and visit.  It has beautiful grounds and is just a tranquil setting.  There’s so much beauty in this place, but there’s a lot of work to be done.  It’s a community asset in a very big way.  Anything we can do that perpetuates it and makes it a better place, we’re happy to do.  I would hope that anyone associated in any way would feel the same”

    “We’re happy that we can be supportive in both a financial way and a worker bee way” Dave explains.  “We’re very pleased to be part of Rabbit Run.”

  • The Green Family Tells Our Story

    It would be difficult to identify an aspect of RRCAA that doesn’t include a member of the Green family.  “Being involved in the arts is a lifelong process” says Chris Green.  His wife, Tina, explains “The kids, Ben, Hannah and Abby, have taken voice lessons, piano lessons, dance classes, art classes and drama classes through the years.  And it has helped them, in a lot of ways, develop who they are.”

    “The arts are imperative to growing as people.  They are forever.  You always need to be able to communicate.  You can always create.  You can sing forever.  The arts do these things and Rabbit Run uses all of these aspects to encourage, challenge and develop people.”

  • The Behm Family Tells Our Story

    “The Behm family has always supported the arts,” explains Trevor Behm. “They are very important to us.” As the president of both Behm Family Funeral Home and the Madison Community Improvement Corporation, Trevor feels that RRCAA is important to local businesses. “Rabbit Run brings people into our community for classes and shows. It makes our small community a destination and promotes our businesses.  That is very valuable.
    ”Trevor and his wife, Julie, have also come to recognize the impact RRCAA has had on their family. Their daughters, Ella, Laney and Addison, have been actively involved in dance and visual arts classes, as well as summer camps. Trevor and Julie feel that RRCAA has provided their children with wonderful opportunities and Ella agrees. “We get to sing and dance and do all the things we’ve dreamed of.
    ”We love Rabbit Run and truly believe in the mission,” Trevor explains. “It is a safe, comfortable place,” adds Julie. “It feels like home.”


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