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Weaving the fabric of a community

Weaving the fabric of a community . . . one thread at a time
Each of us is an individual thread with its own unique composition and color.  Woven together, the resulting fabric is indeed a beautiful tapestry that tells a community’s story. 

You are a vital part of the fabric of RRCAA.  Whether a patron, a student, or a lover of the arts, you bring a vibrancy to this organization, empowering us to be a vital part of the community, strengthening the fabric of our community as we collaborate with neighbors, businesses and organizations in our area.

Read on and be inspired about other like-minded people and organizations who also believe in the power of a tightly-knit community.  Then become a part of that fabric by giving a gift to RRCAA, knowing your gift makes all the difference.

  • The Elder family weaves the fabric of our community

    The Elders have been involved in RRCAA since daughter Ashley enrolled in Creative Movement 11 years ago when she was three years old.  Since that time, Ashley has taken dance instruction as well as attending Pop Star Camp.

    Younger sister Anna also started dancing at the age of three, and has been dancing for the past nine years.  Shas also attended Art Camp for several years and participates in Art Club at the library.

    “The sense of family is so strong here,” says Paula (mother).  “The instructors care so much about the students and really go the extra mile for them. 

    “I can’t imagine our lives without Rabbit Run.  Everyone here makes you feel so welcome.  Rabbit Run is a gift beyond words and a shining star in Madison.”

  • Julia Kuhlman weaves the fabric of our community

    “Music is my passion,” says Julia Kuhlman, former Rabbit Run music student.  “I can’t imagine what life would be without music.”

    Julia took saxophone lessons at Rabbit Run from Joe Acerra beginning in 2009 through 2012.  She has played saxophone in the orchestra pit for a number of Rabbit Run Theater productions  and also worked  backstage as a crew member for several shows.                                          

    Currently, she is working on a Master’s degree in music performance and music history at West Virginia University and is hoping to land a job in arts administration related to an orchestra.

    “Growing up in Thompson, there weren’t a lot of venues for musical opportunities, and Rabbit Run gave me that opportunity.  And the ability for me to be involved with the community was great.  Rabbit Run was the way I could be involved in Madison.” 


  • The Crowley family weaves the fabric of our community

    For the Crowley family, it all started in 2005 when oldest son John was cast in “Once on this Island” at Rabbit Run Theater.  Since then, the Crowleys have been a big part of the Rabbit Run family.

    The Crowleys tell their story best . . .

    John - “Having lived in Cleveland, Washington DC, and Chicago, I can say with confidence that Rabbit Run is a unique and an important cultural institution. It’s a quiet juggernaut that deeply impacts the lives of all those who gather there.” 

    Brian - “Rabbit Run will always hold a special place in my heart. My fondest memories are of the people and the community that has been created and fostered to bring people together to celebrate art, life, and imagination.” 

    Michael - “Once in high school, we were asked to describe a place that feels like heaven on earth. My answer was Rabbit Run. The time I spent at Rabbit Run allowed me to thrive in an artistic community that was accepting of anyone who walked through those barn doors. Through tears and sorrow, laughter and gladness, Rabbit Run will always be heaven on earth to me.”

    Mark and Lea – “I (Mark) have performed right alongside my sons in several productions, and I can’t describe the feeling I would get watching my sons on stage, while waiting in the wings. Each person is set up to succeed at Rabbit Run, and our boys have been given tons of opportunities to grow.”


  • The Gabor family weaves the fabric of our community

    All three of the Gabor children, David, Nichol and Libby, have been active at Rabbit Run since they were preschoolers.  They’ve taken dance classes for close to 20 years at RRCAA, and all three have had private music lessons, remembering with special fondness those with the late Joe Acerra.   Nichol and Libby have also performed and worked backstage on numerous productions at the barn and have been active in Rabbit Run summer youth camps.

    “Plus,” says Dave Gabor (father), “David and I have, through the Boy Scouts, helped set up tents for special events at the barn.”   “And I,” says Tammy (mother), “ got to play taxi cab driver for all of this!”

    “Rabbit Run’s music education programs fit in so well with those offered at the high school”, says Tammy, “and both programs work so well together.”

    “Rabbit Run brings the community together in ways no other organization can,” added Libby.  “It is wonderful to have this organization in this community—everything they offer is amazing. I love it!”

  • Breckenridge Village weaves the fabric of our community

    Rabbit Run Theater’s relationship with Breckenridge Village in Willoughby, OH, began in 2007, when the theater developed a group sales program.  Right away Breckenridge started bringing groups of their residents to performances and has been a faithful customer ever since.

    Breckenridge Village residents Elaine Klosky and Gertrude Bleisch have been theater patrons at Rabbit Run for many years.  “I have been coming to Rabbit Run since we started coming with the group outings,” says Gertrude.  “I love coming to see a show at Rabbit Run”, says Elaine.  “My eyes don’t see so well, but I can hear the music, and it is wonderful!”

    Elaine and Gertrude both heartily agree the bunny cookies served to groups at intermission are the best!

    “Our relationship with Rabbit Run goes beyond that of customer/vendor”, says Lucy Nixon, marketing director.  “Rabbit Run routinely assists us with props and costumes for our volunteer appreciation events.  And Rabbit Run as an entertainment venue is just such a great fit for our residents.”



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