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Match Madness

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Thanks to you we met our goal for Match Madness!
$10,000 has been raised to go towards much needed renation projects at Rabbit Run Theater.

This month marks the beginning of an exciting fund raising effort for RRCAA.  Our Match Madness campaign will run through the entire month of March and marks the launch of an ongoing facilities renovations plan.

We have been given a wonderful opportunity to leverage a private gift to kick-start these renovations efforts.  Every dollar we raise through March 31 will be matched up to a total of $10,000.

Last year, under the guidance of CT Consultants the board of directors of RRCAA developed a master facilities plan for the Rabbit Run Theater property.  Phase-One of the plan addresses a number of safety and comfort issues at the barn.  We have chosen three special projects to accomplish in this next year.

The first project is one that is likely not on your radar unless you tend to look up during a performance at Rabbit Run Theater.  Back in 1954 when the current stage was added to the barn structure, one of the interior cross supports was used as the framing for a lighting catwalk.  The same structure has been in place since that time and is only accessible by an awkward (and potentially dangerous) wall ladder.  Our plan is to replace the old catwalk with an electrical lighting hoist that raises and lowers to allow for lighting installation and focus.  For the safety of our staff, volunteers and patrons, we consider this project a priority for the coming year.

Additionally, two projects are planned to provide added comfort for our theater patrons. For those of you who have lived through a surprisingly long intermission during a performance at the barn, it will come as no surprise that the time has come to expand the size of the women’s restroom.  In addition, much as we love the look of the wooden seats inside the barn, the unified chorus of complaints by our patrons has inspired us to identify a new seating option that will combine comfort and durability.  Our plan is to accomplish both of these projects in time for the 2020 theater season.

As most of you are aware, our ticket sales and class fees cover less than 70% of our operating costs.  We make up the difference with grants through the generosity of our donors and corporate sponsors.  The challenge of undertaking these special renovations projects (to the tune of approximately $125,000) will be the added layer of fund raising it will take to accomplish this goal.

We ask you to consider making a renovations gift to RRCAA during Match Madness. Many of you are already generous supporters of our organization.  Your added gift in support of these renovations projects will make an impact for many years to come and counts you among the ranks of those who truly care for and believe in Rabbit Run. And a gift to Rabbit Run before March 31st will have twice the impact!

To donate to Match Madness
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