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Summer is for Rabbit Run Theater!

Rabbit Run
April 16, 2016

Rabbit Run Theater is a summer staple for many people - patrons, actors, and employees alike. The memories created at the theater are also uniquely summer related. And of course they would be, with the theater open to all kinds of summer weather and mischievous wildlife.

Nichol Vencl, stage manager for 2011’s Lend Me A Tenor, remembers crew members running backstage with umbrellas for the actors during a particularly wild summer rainstorm. She also remembers the appearance of a moth so large it was dubbed “Mothra” by the cast and crew. Mothra “decided to play a silent role” in the play, but was eventually taken “out back after the show with a shovel!”

Actress Nancy Shimonek Brooks, who appeared in both Lend Me A Tenor and 2015’s Private Lives, recounts that the son of Mothra “returned to the barn to avenge his father during Private Lives, and went for a swim in my coffee -  that I had to drink.”

 During 2014’s Brigadoon, Rabbit Run experienced another powerful storm – the show stopped, and, as cast member Kara Cervelli remembers, “Mickey our bagpiper kept everyone entertained” as we decided if the show would go on.  That performance would eventually be cancelled due to the weather, but “every single member of the cast and crew rearranged their plans to perform a make-up show,” including one student performer who missed her own graduation party!

 This loyalty is no surprise, however, as actors, crew, and audience members return every summer. Actress Evie Koh, who you can see perform in this summer’s Carousel, tells us, “I think the Barn has become a tradition and a summer home for a lot of us.” When the summer ends, and we host the Bunny Awards, Koh says, “it feels like a family reunion.”

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